We might be biased, but we think that Fort Collins is pretty awesome — seriously, we had a hard time finding "bad" things to say about it.

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Still, it never hurts to reflect on the reasons why we love living in the Choice City. In fact, according to mindful.org, taking the time for gratitude actually improves our physical and mental health.

It seems like Fort Collins residents have already caught onto this. We found a thread on our local Nextdoor app asking members to share their favorite things about living here — and people did not hold back.

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We're not kidding, either. Whether people were talking about their neighbors, the recreation opportunities, or the local businesses and restaurants, they could not say enough about their appreciation for this area.

Reading the thread made us smile, so we decided to share our favorite answers with you. You'll probably agree with a lot of them — or think of things you want to add to the list (feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments).

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See 25 reasons why residents love living in Fort Collins in the gallery below:

25 Reasons Why Residents Love Living in Fort Collins

It never hurts to appreciate the little things, so we're looking at why we're grateful for the Choice City. Read on to see 25 reasons why residents love living in Fort Collins.

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