It was a busy afternoon on March 24, 2022, when a fire erupted at Empower Field at Mile High in a construction area. Colorado's governor was quick to quip, but not many "got it."

It was quite alarming when word got around that Mile High was on fire, for sure. How? What part of the stadium? Any injuries? A lot of questions and more than a few jokes:

Fire aside, it's a great view.

Looks like Russell Wilson is already throwing bombs.

Broncos season already up in smoke.



One of the stadium fire jokes came from Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. I saw his post, and I didn't get it, but I wasn't alone.

Under his personal Twitter account, he tweeted out:

I said, "We do not have an owner? What does that mean, exactly?"

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Some people thought it was a good joke, which was frustrating. 




Then, after a few more responses, it became clear: It's a Catholic joke. About the Pope:

"Right, black smoke, voting for a new Pope...," I said.

When the cardinals are deciding who should become the next pope, they put out black smoke until they have chosen one.

"We have no Owner." The Broncos do not officially have an owner, so black smoke, no owner. It's kind of funny. Kind of.

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