Grand Junction is crafty. Properties of historical significance are scattered all over town. Some of these places like Stranges Grocery are well-known, while others are unmarked and sometimes forgotten.

We are lucky that many of the original homes that are still standing in the historic district are well-marked, and well-cared for. Several homes in Grand Junction that are 75 years old or older are still for sale today.

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Oldest Places in Grand Junction

Grand Junction has six buildings in the downtown area that are still going strong at over 120 years old. For starters, the Gear Junction building at 436 Main Street, the old Benges Shoes building at 514 Main Street, and the Bistro Italiano building at 400 Main Street, all date back to 1890.

We Pass Buy Some of Grand Junction's Oldest Homes Everyday

If you pass down 7th Street near downtown you have probably seen the home at 1520 N 7th Street. This one dates back to 1904 and still looks in great shape. It's not for sale but there are still several really cool homes in town that are.

I Want to Buy a Cool Older House in Grand Junction

Below we're taking a closer look at 12 of the oldest houses currently for sale in Grand Junction. Several of these homes have had some very loving owners through the years who have kept them in great shape while others just need some TLC. Dive in and make it your own or restore it to perfection and turn it into a money-making rental.

See 12 of the Oldest Homes for Sale in Grand Junction Colorado

Can you imagine what it was like to live in Grand Junction in the 1930s? Good old American craftsmanship has stood the test of time. Take a trip down memory lane as we check out the 12 oldest homes for sale in Grand Junction, all listed at

MORE: Tour the Largest House Currently For Sale In Grand Junction Colorado

This home at 614 20 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado, measures a whopping 9,232 square feet. This is a home, as in a "single-family" dwelling. At that size, it is as of October 17, 2022, the largest house on the market in Grand Junction. Take a quick tour.

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