A mountain lion in the Grand Lake area has been euthanized after three attacks on dogs took place in the vicinity according to KDVR. The three dog attacks by mountain lions have occurred since December 19.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife determined that the mountain lion was a threat to human health and safety ultimately making the decision to euthanize the big cat. The decision came after the mountain lion grabbed a dog off of a resident's front porch. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers followed the tracks in the snow and located the female mountain lion in a tree near the home.

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On December 19 at approximately 10 p.m. one dog was let out of its home and a mountain lion attacked the dog. The owner of the dog opened the door and the mountain lion dropped the dog and ran off. The interaction injured the dog but survived.

Another dog in the area was killed on January 19 when the off-leash dog was attacked by a mountain lion that was under the porch. The owner's husband shot and killed the 7-year-old female mountain lion after attempts to scare the big cat away did not work.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife told KDVR that an investigation of the shooting of the mountain lion determined that there was a credible threat to human safety and the owner was not ticketed for shooting the mountain lion.

“Incidents like these serve as a good reminder that we live in mountain lion country and being aware of our surroundings is important.”

Said Colorado Parks and Wildlife Manager, Jeromy Huntington.

Source: KDVR - Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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