The "unmasked infant" may sound like name of a new superhero, but it's actually the center of a recent local controversy.

According to News5, a Great Clips in Greeley denied a woman service because her infant son did not have a mask on.

The incident occurred when Meri Smith, a teacher, showed up to her scheduled hair appointment with her son.

Upon arrival, an employee told her that she could not enter because her child was too young to wear a mask.

"I just felt rejected. It made me sad and uncomfortable that I couldn't go get a haircut just because my son was a baby," Smith told the station.

Colorado's mask mandate does not apply to children who are under 10 years of age.

Great Clips later released a statement about the incident, noting that the company does allow children under the age of two to enter its salons without a mask.

"The misunderstanding of this policy that took place recently in our Greeley salon was unfortunate and disappointing," read the statement. "We will be using this as an educational opportunity with staff to reinforce the details of our mask policy and we would welcome the opportunity to apologize directly to the community member."

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