A judge sentenced a Greeley man to almost 100 years in prison for assault on Friday (December 14), according to a press release form the Office of the District Attorney.

43-year-old Phillip Romero violently beat his alleged girlfriend on April 11, 2018.

The pair had been dating for two months when the girlfriend showed up at Romero's home. She said Romero then accused her of cheating on him and became enraged.

He began beating her with wooden decorations from his home. At one point, she claims that Romero grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her multiple times.

He then locked her inside his home, and she was unable to escape for about six hours.

She got out once she was able to convince Romero to follow her to the bank so she could give him money that she owed him.

The victim received a broken leg and bruising all over her body from the incident.

A Weld County jury found Romero guilty of assault, menacing, and false imprisonment in January.

The court also found him guilty of being a habitual criminal, which added to his long sentence of 96 years.

"The man is a repeat offender and is an extremely violent individual," said Weld Deputy District Attorney Patrick Roche. "This community is a safer place without him walking the streets of Greeley, and we're at peace knowing he will never have the opportunity to torture another innocent person like he's done in the past."

Roche, along with Deputy District Attorney Lillie Parker, prosecuted the case.


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