A Greeley police officer has been formally charged with a felony in Weld District Court for allegedly using excessive force during the June 7 arrest of a wanted 36-year-old man.

On Monday (June 28), the Weld District Attorney’s Office charged Greeley Police Officer Kenneth Amick with one count of second degree assault, according to an official press release from the District Attorney's Office.

Officer Ken Amick (Courtesy/Greeley Police Department)
Courtesy/Greeley Police Department

The Greeley Police Department stated in a news release on Monday that 36-year-old Matthew Wilson complained about Officer Amick, saying he allegedly used excessive force on him during his arrest. The news release also said that two other officers who witnessed the June 7 arrest also believed excessive force was used by Amick.

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Officer Amick, along with other Greeley Police officers responded to a panic alarm incident at City Center North in Greeley at 3:34 p.m. on June 7; employees on the scene said Matthew Wilson was making threats to burn down the building, but was heading towards City Hall, according to a Greeley PD news release from Monday.

Responding officers were able to make contact with Wilson in the lobby of City Hall. It was then discovered that Wilson had a warrant out for his arrest; he was immediately placed into handcuffs by officer Amick.

Then, the incident took a turn.

Wilson began to complain of pain from the handcuffs he had been placed in; as he was being escorted out of the building by Officer Amick, he was reportedly upset and began complaining that his wrists were hurting him.

Wilson's complaints landed him in a chokehold carried out by Officer Amick, who then brought him to the ground, according to the Monday news release from Greeley PD.

The 36-year-old suspect allegedly started showing signs of facing harmful effects from the chokehold, which a second officer then stepped in an effort to intervene the situation. After Wilson was released from the chokehold, officers attempted to calm him down and make sure he was OK before placing him back on his feet, the Greeley PD release stated.

All parties had already exited the building when Wilson, who was handcuffed, grabbed Officer Amick’s hand; Amick responded by delivering knee strikes to Wilson’s leg. He then placed Wilson on the ground as a way to reportedly "calm him".

The release said the acting officers helped Wilson back onto his feet and led him into the patrol car. Wilson later requested to speak with a supervisor and complained of excessive force brought on during the arrest by Officer Amick.

As a result, a criminal investigation was initiated and the Weld County District Attorney’s Office formally filed the felony charge of second degree assault against Officer Amick.

As per the Greeley Police Department, Officer Amick is now on unpaid administrative leave from the department. Amick is scheduled to appear in Weld District Court on August 23 at 9 a.m.

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