The Greeley Police Department (GPD) has responded to arrest footage making the rounds in Northern Colorado.

The video in question went viral on social media, and on Monday (Jan. 30), FOX31 aired a report featuring the footage, which shows GPD officers using force on a man during an arrest gone awry.

Now, GPD has taken to Facebook to clarify the situation.

According to GPD, the incident occurred on Jan. 23 when police pulled over a vehicle in the 1100 block of 17th Street. Officers learned the Evans Police Department (EPD) had an arrest warrant out for the driver, 50-year-old George Trevino — and tried to take him into custody.

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GPD asserts that Trevino refused to comply with verbal commands and began physically resisting the arrest. Police attempted to use a Taser to obtain compliance, but Trevino got his hands on it.

Trevino is seen on video pulling the Taser close to his body while the officer struggles with him to recover it. The officer delivers strikes to the head and upper back of Trevino while yelling commands for Trevino to drop the less-than-lethal weapon.

Simultaneously, another officer was delivering knee strikes to Trevino to get him to drop the Taser. Trevino did not surrender the weapon until multiple other officers arrived on scene to assist with the arrest. As additional officers arrived on scene and approached the scuffle on the ground, Trevino can be seen in the video throwing the Taser to the side. The Taser was then safetly recovered by another officer.

GPD says that authorities then took Trevino to a local hospital before transporting him to the Weld County Jail, where they charged him with Disarming a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest.

The agency also posted its own body camera footage of the incident.

GPD revealed that the incident is currently under formal review, stating: "When a Greeley Police Officer uses force during their duties, a supervisor completes a review of the incident to determine if the officer's actions were reasonable and appropriate after evaluating all of the information available."

The agency is not releasing further details at this time but asked that anyone with information about the case calls GPD at (970) 350-9605.

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