One of the things that has affected me the most during the past year with the pandemic has been my workouts...or the lack thereof. I miss going to the gym and the general environment. I've tried doing the at-home-workout thing, but it's extremely stagnant and boring to me. So, like many people, I've found it's about adjusting and figuring things out as we go. This, however is something that I may be interested in trying.

According to an official press release, starting Monday, January 18, the Greeley Rec will be offering free virtual group fitness classes.

They'll be offering in-person classes too, but for those that aren't quite ready to hit the gym in person, this is a nice option. The best part is that you DON'T have to be a member to access the virtual workouts via Zoom.

The Greeley Rec understands the effect the pandemic has had on the community, and I know personally that there's... a certain level of accountability and fun that comes with working out with a trainer, coach or even just a group people. This seems like a nice and safe option to get that fix, at least until this COVID stuff clears up a bit more.

To enroll in the FREE virtual classes, you can just email You'll get a weekly email with a Zoom link and info about the upcoming classes and schedules.

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