A local waitress working at the Texas Roadhouse off of Highway 34 is facing major repercussions following a Tweet she posted after being stiffed on a tip. 

Anyone who has worked in food service knows that you work really hard, and when you don't receive a tip, well, that just sucks, and numerous employees in the business have taken to social media to express that frustration. In this case, however, things went too far.

According to ABC7, the Roadhouse waitress by the handle @megatron Tweeted, 'If we had a real life purge I would kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night'

Since Texas Roadhouse was notified, she was immediately terminated and released an apologetic statement (see in the video above via ABC7.)

OK, yeah, we can all recognize that is a really horrible thing to say, especially given the violent nature of the world we live in today, and being fired was in everyone's best interest. But, given how we function as a society in 2016, now this local girl is facing the ultimate punishment of being shamed around the world on social media because of a (pretty major) split-second lapse in judgement.

I in no way condone what she said, but do you think people need to accept her apology, and that she made a mistake and let this be a lesson to her, and others, about compassion, acceptance and, you know, not being a racist (and not Tweeting while angry)?

Just think about it. What she said was wrong, violent and in no way OK. But, she has a lot to face now, aside from unemployment.