It seems like something you'd see in the future, like on The Jetsons, but it's happening now, and it's happening in Greeley.

You'll want to stop by the Walmart on 23rd Avenue in Greeley just to check this out. They'll be installing a pickup tower. It's a 16 feet high, kind of orange and it has the item(s) you ordered at ready for pickup.

Apparently, you'll get a notification that your order is ready after they've put it into the tower. Then, you show up and scan your barcode, and technology tracks down your order and pops it out to you.

According to the promotional video below, as of 2017, they hadn't planned that many (over 100 seems like a small number considering all the stores that they have) in the country. So, having this one is Greeley is pretty cool!

The tower is scheduled to be operational on Friday, September 21, 2018.

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