There is spicy, like jalapeno spicy. Then there is another world of spice when it comes to some of the hottest peppers in the world. Over the years, many challenges with the world's hottest peppers have had people in pain from shooting their shot at these challenges.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

WeldWerks Brewing Company in Greeley has released the World's Hottest Barrel-Aged Stout for their One Sip Challenge.

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WeldWerks is renowned by beer enthusiasts for their ever-popular Medianoche Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout and this variation will have the capsaicin addicts and Scoville hunters flocking to Greeley to take a sip of this beer.  Many barrel-aged stout lovers have stood in long lines just to score a bottle or two. Yes, that includes me and my wife.

WeldWerks' One Sip Challenge: The World's Hottest Barrel-Aged Stout was aged for a total of 25 months in two separate bourbon barrels. The beer first spent 12 months in a Breckenridge Bourbon barrel and then another 13 months in Greeley's own 477 Distiling. Weldwerks Facebook said that the barrel showed an unusually spicy flavor profile with tons of milk chocolate. With this flavor profile from the barrels, WeldWerks decided to make the world's hottest barrel-aged stout.

The addition of Ghost peppers, Trinidad Scorpion peppers, and Carolina Reaper peppers throw an atomic spice bomb into the beer that could send one who is not accustomed to this level of heat straight into a screaming fit.

WeldWerks Brewing Company announced that The One Sip Challenge: The World's Hottest Barrel-Aged Stout is available starting on Friday, August 27 is available on draft only in the taproom located at 508 8th Avenue in Greeley.

Source: WeldWerks Brewing Company

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