Over the years my tolerance for spice has ascended the scoville scale. At first, the thought of spicy food had me running in the other direction. Then one day, something in me snapped and I had the urge to buy a bottle of hot sauce. The rest is peppery history. I am now one of those people who is a glutton for punishment when it comes to spicy food. Occasionally I like to push myself as far as I can until I am curled up into a ball on the floor from too much capsaicin. It's a fun ride. If you are up for a challenge, Loveland's Grimm Brothers Brewhouse and Matador Mexican Grill have teamed up for the Cinco De Mayo Hot Burrito Challenge.

Carolina Reaper Hot Chilli Pepper on white
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Hottest Burrito Challenge will include the hottest burrito that Matador has to offer and a pint of scorching hot Carolina Reaper Snow Drop from Grimm Brothers. The challenge states you have to eat the burrito and drink the beer in under 5 minutes. Whoever completes the challenge the fastest is going to win a $50 Grimm Brothers gift card. If you want to find out more about the Hot Burrito Challenge, you can find that HERE.

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