This company is looking forward to bringing vinyl enthusiasts things that have never been seen before. It will be fun to have them in Denver.

This is an interesting story in the fact that it's kind of 'cool,' even though it's not quite as 'cool' as it could have been. What could possibly be encompassed by that explanation? Well, The Denver Post is reporting on how the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver is now the headquarters for the company that makes Victrola products.

The 'Victrola' company currently moving to Denver is actually a completely different organization (known as Innovative Technology) than the original brand you're probably thinking of. They just bought the Victrola trademark to put on nostalgic record players and such. I guess I thought that Victrola had stuck around all these years, but no. The Victrola Talking Machine Company was sold to Radio Corporation of America in 1929, which became what we know today as RCA Records.

The 'new' Victrola was able to get the name, but, as you'll notice on any of the new products, they could not purchase the right to 'Nipper' — the classic brand's dog with his head in the megaphone.

George Konig/Keystone Features/Getty Images
George Konig/Keystone Features/Getty Images
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So, it's not like Victrola has continued creating and innovating the art of music for over 100 years; that's the 'not quite as cool' part.

However, another company came in and purchased this 'new' Victrola company, making it a sole subsidiary of their huge investment organization. This 'new-new' Victrola is very much 'cool' in creating the vintage audio entertainment that people are looking for.

From the Denver Post interview with the man behind this Victrola regarding their products and their consumers:

“They are music lovers and they want to appreciate the analog,” he said. “They want sound quality. They want the player to look good and they want it integrated.”

Their location in Denver is right next to a great dive bar - The Garage Bar. It might be fun to take a trip to The Mile High City to have a beer and maybe take a look at what Victrola's working on.

Garage Bar
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Get more on their move from Long Island to Denver from the Denver Post HERE.


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