Colorado Wildlife Officials are looking for an aggressive bear that was not discouraged by pepper spray, car horns and gunshots at Chambers Lake Campground.

The Denver Channel is reporting that the bear was swiping at a tent and knocked a cooler off a truck early Saturday morning causing a camper to fire warning shots to scare it away.

Campground visitors say that the bear then returned that evening causing campers to honk car horns and use pepper spray.

Wildlife officials say if a bear has lost it's fear of humans, they can be extremely dangerous and aggressive.

Be Bear Aware!

Updated July 23: Bear activity is on the rise, with reports of bears ransacking a number of campsites on the Boulder, Canyon Lakes, and Clear Creek  Ranger Districts. Use food storage containers and don't keep anything scented in tents (i.e. sunscreen). Please see Colorado Parks and Wildlife bear information. This site has a lot of great information to make sure you are Bear Aware! This includes information on food storage. If you need to report a bear incident (non-emergency), please call 303-291-7227. See the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Release

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