If the fear of getting eaten by a bear just isn't enough, try one of these haunted camping spots... if you dare... 

No, really though. Every time I've gone camping, I think I am going to die, whether it be the thin layer of nylon separating me from wildlife, or a murderer in the woods paired with no cell service or anyone to hear my screams — but hey, let's go ahead and throw some ghosts into the mix, too.

Here are some Colorado campgrounds sure to make you 'hold it' all night because there's no way you're gonna go outside of the tent to pee in the dark.

Carter Lake, Loveland

Yeah, that's right, this one is right in our backyard, and it's reportedly haunted by the ghost of a man named Bennet. Only In Your State claims Bennet was a settler, shot and killed in a land dispute after living in the area for a long time... and he continues to.

Backpackverse says visitors may 'see a man dressed in old fashioned clothes walking down this road and carrying a bag. When they get closer, he disappears from view and does not reply.'

You can camp at Carter Lake if you want to meet him for yourself.

Clyde Campground Near Gold Camp Road

Anyone from Colorado Springs can tell you ghost stories about Gold Camp Road. According to 303 Magazine, the tunnels at Gold Camp Road are reportedly haunted following a tragic event, however, there is seemingly no actual information out there about this 'accident.'

'These former tunnels in Colorado Springs used to be for trains, but three were opened for automobiles to the public after the rest closed. Unfortunately, the story is one of the tunnels collapsed on a school bus full of kids and killed them all including the driver. If you stop and turn off your car lights while going through the tunnel, you can see tiny hand prints appear on your fogged windows, get scratched or touched by unseen forces, or hear giggling. Hikers can even witness the third tunnel that collapsed which is now blocked off by a welcoming “Keep Out” sign over a black steel fence. Maybe pass on this one.' - 303 Magazine

If you want to check it out, you can camp up the road at Clyde Campground.

 Kiowa County

There are a handful of free camping locations near the site of the Sand Creek Massacre of November 29, 1864. It was, the National Park Service says, a 'chaotic, horrific, tumultuous, and bloody' event. The tragic battle was fought between an army of settlers and hundreds of Native Americans. Now, a monument stands at the location in Kiowa County between Kit Carson and Eads.

According to Only In Your State, campers near the site have reported 'seeing apparitions of wandering men, women, and children in and around the grounds, some even screaming in pain.'

Eh... maybe this one's not for me. 

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