Just a little taste of New York in the Rocky Mountains. Of all the years I have lived in Colorado, I never knew we had a hot dog-shaped hot dog stand. 

Alas, we do -- with a little mustard and relish, too. The Coney Island Hot Dog Stand resides up in the town of Bailey on Old Stagecoach Road.

According to Atlas Obscura, the restaurant originally opened in Denver in 1966, but moved to Aspen Park in Jefferson County during the '70s, and then again to its current location in the late '90s. Yep, it moved, so I guess that means Oscar Mayer isn't the only one out there with a Wiener Mobile.

I don't even eat hot dogs, but I would totally drive up just to see this place some day anyway because it's a giant hot dog. We all know food tastes better when served out of something that looks like it. It's very... meta.

Does its menu live up to the Coney Island? We'd probably need an actual New Yorker to determine that, I suppose.

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