Fort Collins musician Dustin Phillips (currently of The Ataris) is in Imagine Dragons' 'Wrecked' Cover Competition contest, and you could help him win $50,000. And right now he only has $7, so voting is the least we could do here. 

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Thanks so much to one of our loyal listeners/ NoCo music enthusiasts for letting us know about this (Dustin did not ask us to promote his video, for the record). You may have noticed we play a bit of Imagine Dragons and a bit of 'The Boys of Summer' from time to time, so we'd love to see Dustin win this thing.

The band Imagine Dragons is hosting the 'Wrecked' Cover Contest competition, and you only have until Sunday, September 26 to get your votes in for round one. The grand prize winner will get the $50,000, the second place winner will get $10,000 and the third place winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize.

In Dustin's four-minute cover, he plays every instrument, from a matchbook to trash can drums to a glockenspiel (yes, I know what that is), and all of the vocals, which is pretty damn impressive. You can vote daily for Dustin's video here.

Dustin has been with The Ataris since 2016, so you may've seen him at the Aggie Theatre show. Or, you may just know him from his viral TikTok videos, which are hilarious, btw.

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