Fort Collins has an affinity for restaurants on wheels. Maybe it's because we live in one of the most gorgeous places in the country, and we want to enjoy our meals outside while taking in some live music.


But, Northern Colorado doesn't just have beautiful scenery, it also has a beautiful community of people who want the best for one another -- something that is nice to be reminded of these days. The Houska family, who own Houska Automotive, are a big part of that.

On Saturday, August 20, they'll be turning their garage into a stage for another Houska Garage Band Event fundraiser for Elli's Deli, which would be a gourmet sandwich food truck, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. That sounds great (because... carbs), but that isn't even the best part!

According to Eleos Services, Elli’s Deli is a 'non-profit food truck designed to provide individuals with an opportunity for a positive, fun and rewarding work experience participating in Northern Colorado community events.'

You may have seen Elli's cheesesteak cart, (check out some of the delicious photos on Elli's Deli Facebook page), but we'd love to see an Elli's Deli food truck at our future Fort Collins events.

So, let's make this happen! Follow the Houska Garage Band Event page for more details. There will be live music, food, an auction and more, or you can donate through the GoFundMe.

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