Happiness is a state of mind that can be a very simple yet very complex thing at the same time. You can be a "happy" person but still have your fair share of bad days. But overall, true happiness is about appreciating the little things, celebrating the small victories in life, being thankful for what you do have instead of getting overwhelmed with what you don't have, achieving life balance the best you can, and finding things to do that you enjoy doing.

For me, the most important thing for me is my family. Whenever things get tough or things get crazy, I try to find a moment to breathe and think about my crew. I also do everything I can to get up and out and explore new places.


That's just something that I like to do to get back to my happy place. But let's face it,  there are things in all of our everyday lives, no matter where you live, that can chip away at that happiness and overall well-being.

Things like financial strain, which so many of us are dealing with at different levels, relationship issues, traffic, work-related issues, and the weather, all these things can play a factor in our overall well-being in happiness. But it makes things so much easier when you live in a place that you love that can help ease everything else going on.

Colorado has its fair share of problems just like every other state in the country, but we also have a lot more going for us to offset those things.

Recently, CreditDonkey.com put together "the happiest places in Colorado" they based it on things like crime rate, commutes, income, housing, and divorce rates.

Here's what they came up with as the 10 happiest places in Colorado, and one town, in particular, that's right smack dab in the heart of Northern Colorado made the list.

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