Kendrick Lamar definitely believes in quality over quantity.

The elusive rapper puts out albums sparingly, rarely makes public appearances and keeps his features to a minimal. Even when it comes to the things he likes on Twitter, Kendrick Lamar only presses the button on a select few posts. In the 12 years since Kung Fu Kenny has been on the social media app—he joined in 2009—he has only liked 16 tweets. So, it's a rare occasion for someone to see "Like by @KendrickLamar" in their notifications.

His very first liked tweet didn't come until Feb. 17, 2017, when he liked Nicki Minaj's post. "I've officially gotten all my super powers back," she tweeted. Since then, Kendrick's likes on Twitter have been few and far between, and range from support of his label mates and other artists to throwback video footage, fan art and super random funny tweets.

One liked post is a testament to how far the Grammy Award-winning artist has come. "Still remember that random Saturday January 2011 when I told my homies I was going to a record shop in Carson to see one of my favorite up & coming artists and nobody wanted to roll with me cause they didn't know who he was...," a fan captioned a tweet of a picture of himself along with a young K-Dot prior to the release of his Section.80 album.

This week, on Wednesday (March 3), Kendrick liked his first Twitter post in over a year, giving the thumbs up to a throwback video of Jack Harlow rapping as a kid.

Check out the only tweets Kendrick Lamar has liked in 12 years on Twitter below.

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