It's falling leaves season, and the City of Fort Collins is urging you to dispose of them correctly.

First of all, the city definitely doesn't want them going in trash cans or out on the street. So what do you do with them instead? A press release from the city gives a few options, including:

Leaves are excellent for composting, and residents and farmers also use them for animal bedding and to insulate plants and gardens over the winter. Neighbors can connect through social media networks such as Nextdoor and Facebook to exchange leaves for composting and reuse.

--The City of Fort Collins

Leaves can also be recycled at the Timberline Recycling Center and through programs by local business or like the Larimer County Landfill Green Waste Program. You can also ask your regular trash haulers if they'll take the leaves: a lot of them will for an extra fee.

Most of all, keeping leaves out of the streets keeps them from clogging storm drains, which is important before the sloppy snowy season. Bag up those leaves and get ready to recycle...and maybe, before you do, try to capture some epic content like this:

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