'You can't get there from here, Sir, you'll have to go around.'

During the middle of the week of May 14-18, the City of Loveland will be installing some new sewer lines in Downtown, which means shutting down Highway 287 (Lincoln Avenue.)

This will be putting a dent in northbound travelers' plans to get through Loveland.

On Tuesday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 16, 2018, the city will be installing new sewer lines and other amenities, for The Foundry, between 1st Street and 4th Street. That means that Lincoln Avenue will be shut down for those days. It needs to get done, but not cool. Not cool.

I think that if you travel on Highway 287 (Lincoln) through Loveland from south of Highway 402, I'd take 402 to St. Louis, then head north to 8th Street, heading back towards 287; though St. Louis WiLL take you all the way to Eisenhower, where it's an easy right-hand turn (making a LEFT there is not fun- so 8th is the best option if you're wanting to go north or west.)

1st Street WILL be open so locals can maneuver around Downtown via Washington to the east, and Garfield to the west.

Good luck, Gang- it's only for a couple of days!

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