Colorado is known for its crazy real estate market, but there's one place in the Centennial State where the buying and selling seem to ebb: Walden.

It may not surprise you that there isn't a huge housing market in the so-called "Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado." Walden is a gorgeous town, but it's also small and cold — in February, temperatures in the area dipped to a bone-chilling -27 degrees.

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According to Zillow, there is currently one home on the market in Walden: a three-bedroom, one-bathroom "fixer-upper" on 5th Street.

The residence is only going for $75,000, but there is a catch. The lister says it needs a new coat of paint and new flooring at a minimum. Plus, it appears there actually is a second bathroom — it just needs so much renovation that they're still calling it a one-bathroom home.

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However, if you're willing to put in the work (and live in a place with possible sub-zero temperatures), the house might not be a bad purchase.

The home spans 10,454 square feet and has two garage spaces, a family room, a sunroom, and a gorgeous view of alpine Colorado. Another perk? There's no HOA.

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Full disclosure: this house does have a pending offer, but it hasn't gone through yet — so we're saying it's still on the market for now. Whether you want to buy the last house in Walden or just see what life is like up there, take a virtual tour of 303 5th Street in the gallery below:

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