Have you ever heard of Hong Kong French Toast? I have never heard of this style of French Toast before today. As soon as I found out what it was, I knew that I was going to need to try the style of French Toast for myself.

Photo by NajlaCam on Unsplash
Photo by NajlaCam on Unsplash

What is Hong Kong Style French Toast?

Hong Kong French Toast is elevated from just a plain slice of bread soaked in egg and then cooked in a pan. Sift & Simmer says that Hong Kong Style French Toast is made with Shokupan milk bread, stuffed with peanut butter and condensed milk, then fried to perfection. Peanut butter-filled French Toast? Sign me up.

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Finding Hong Kong Style French Toast in Colorado

Denver Food Scene is constantly giving me great ideas on places that are out of the ordinary. I give all the credit to Denver Food Scene for leading the way to my discovery of the Korean Corndog.  You have to see this short clip of what Hong Kong French Toast is:

Looks super delicious, right? Here is where you can get Hong Kong Style French Toast in Colorado

Hong Kong Station - Centennial

Hong Kong Station is located at 6878 South Yosemite Street in Centennial. For $5.95, you can order two slices of Hong Kong Style French Toast with peanut butter.

Not in the mood for French Toast? Hong Kong Station's menu is vast with many different types of dishes. After looking at their Facebook photos, I plan on making Hong Kong Station a stop to order a meal the next time I am down in the Denver Metro Area for sure.

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