A horse and its owners are fortunate this morning, considering this could've had a much sadder ending after an incident this weekend that saw said horse escape its enclosure and fall into an iced-over swimming pool in Fort Collins.

Poudre Fire responded to an animal rescue call in the 6500 block of Kyle Avenue on Friday afternoon. The most dangerous element for the horse (and the rescuers) was keeping the animal calm enough to pull it out of the water without it injuring itself or others...But thankfully, their efforts were flawless and that's exactly what happened.

After firefighters carefully worked their magic, the horse was freed from the pool safely and warmed up while being checked out by a CSU vet. The horse was eventually transferred to the CSU vet hospital.


Big shout-out to Poudre Fire and the CSU vet hospital not just for this incredible rescue and for taking such good care of this beautiful animal, but for all they do every day.

This was a situation that could have easily ended a LOT worse, but thanks to the efforts and expertise of some excellent professionals, there was a happy ending for all.


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