The third annual Horsetooth Int’l Film Festival is coming to local venues all around Fort Collins, and if you're a lover of NoCo culture and original film, this is something that can't be missed.

Colorado has a lot to offer that doesn't just include our beautiful landscapes and local beer (although those are two things I really, truly love). We've got original stories to tell as well, and that's the thought process behind the Horsetooth Film Festival. According to a press release,

Horsetooth Int’l Film Festival (HIFFCO) was founded to establish Northern Colorado as an international destination where progressive thought and action are celebrated through the art of filmmaking. The mission of HIFFCO is to generate opportunity and growth for creatives in the NoCo community by providing an international platform to spread knowledge and creativity.

Starting on September 8, Horsetooth Int’l Film Festival (HIFFCO) will launch with live music at a Fort Collins favorite: The Holiday Twin Drive-In. Then, at 8:00 p.m. the short films will commence, followed by a mix and mingle session.

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There are three more days of the festival, also taking place at iconic Fort Collins locations like The Lyric Cinema and The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. for a full rundown of festival events, head here. 

A one-day pass costs $25, and prices rise from there: an all-festival pass is $95 and the VIP pass is $195. You can grab your tickets right here. 

HIFFCO reminds its patrons that it will operate in accordance with Colorado state mandates when it comes to masking and vaccines.

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