I've never been on a hot air balloon ride. I've never really had any ambition to, and after seeing and hearing about this...I don't think I'll be changing my mind anytime soon.

According to 9 News, there were multiple injuries (none life threatening, thankfully) after a hot air balloon had to make a crash landing Sunday morning at Chatfield State Park.

The crash happened close to Swim Beach near the reservoir. A second hot air balloon had a hard landing near Waterton Canyon, according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman. No injuries were reported in that one.

Apparently strong winds pushed the balloons off course, causing the crash landings, which miraculously didn't result in any serious injuries.

A hot air balloon seems like such a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the natural beauty all around you but there just seems to be little margin for error in those things...but that's just me, and call me a big baby if you will.

Both balloons were operated by people from Chatfield State Park. The one that crashed in the park is operated by Rocky Mountain Hot Air Balloons, and the other by Cloud Based Balloons, according to CPW.

Don't get me wrong, hot air balloon rides look incredibly awesome, but I think I'm going to just stick to keeping my feet firmly planted in the ground while getting up high on a hike for a beautiful view.

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