Smoking marijuana in Denver, Colorado, just got a bit more interesting.

According to a report from Westword, the very first application for a mobile marijuana lounge was recently received from Colorado Cannabis Tours.

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Marijuana Lounges In Denver

It wasn't too long ago that marijuana lounges in Colorado were approved. Of course, the application process is no joke, and currently, there are only three businesses with a marijuana hospitality license:

  • Tetra Lounge
  • The Coffee Joint
  • Patterson Inn

Previously social marijuana consumption was illegal, but things are quickly changing.

Mobile Marijuana Lounges on the Horizon

Now that a few businesses have acquired a marijuana hospitality license, Colorado Cannabis Tours has decided to try its luck with a mobile marijuana lounge.

The lounge would be located inside one limo and also a Sprinter van. Colorado Cannabis Tours currently offers tours to dispensaries, grow houses, and even breweries.

The mobile marijuana lounge would be a huge addition to what is already a popular tourist attraction. However, a marijuana hospitality license does not permit liquor sales, so therefore alcohol would not be allowed inside the mobile marijuana lounge.

Hot Boxing in Denver Would Have A Whole New Meaning

The term "hot box" refers to smoking inside a vehicle with the windows up until it is filled with smoke.

It is illegal in Colorado to consume marijuana and drive, but having your own personal driver while you smoke seems pretty convenient. A question of catching a second-hand high, however, does come to mind.

If approved, Colorado Cannabis Tours will be the first in Denver and Colorado to have a mobile marijuana lounge. Let's see if history will be made.

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