Denver Broncos AFC West Rival Kansas City Chiefs had their season come to an end yesterday after losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime. Broncos fans hilariously react to their exit.

Broncos Fans React To Kansas City Chiefs Losing

If you're a true, diehard, bleed orange & blue kind of Denver Broncos fan, you couldn't help but smile when the Chiefs blew a 21 to 3 lead to lose in overtime to the Bengals and ended their season yesterday. After being so dominant the last handful of years, making it to the AFC Championship game each of the last four years, it was nice to see them go home yesterday. I've hated the Kansas City Chiefs for as long I can remember. Raiders too for that matter, so whenever one of those two teams loses, I'm happy. As a bonus, to see a team like the Bengals get to the Super Bowl for the first time since the '80s is pretty cool too.

Broncos Country did not disappoint with their reactions to the loss. Here are some of the memes and jokes being shared around yesterday. Go Broncos.

Mahomes' brother Jackson was fairly obnoxious on his social accounts...

So I guess it's not just Denver who's sick of KC.

Won't miss seeing either of these two on my socials feeds for a while.. See ya.

Funny dig on the Chiefs with a zing at the Patriots (whom I also like, sorry)

You almost had it...

No popping bottles on fans this week, fool.

Instant Karma?

Pretty close, actually.

Not the "dynasty" their fans thought they were.

Choking hazard.

I could post these all day, I swear. I just love that they lost so, so much. Broncos for life.

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