From the Rockies to the Broncos to the Nuggets, it's no secret that Colorado is a sporty state (in fact, Denver is ranked as the 6th best city for sports). But when it comes to producing our own professional athletes, we're not so great.

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According to a new report from The Action Network, the Centennial State is the 35th best state at producing professional athletes, with 21 athletes currently playing in the active major leagues.

This isn't necessarily an unimpressive number...until you look at the leading states. California currently boasts 215 active professional athletes, while Texas takes the cake with 250 athletes.

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Still, this isn't a reason to feel too down about Colorado's standing. The report only looks at active athletes in the NFL, NBA, or MLB, so past Colorado greats (and hockey players) aren't counted.

We're also doing better than New Jersey, Connecticut, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Alaska — the last of which has produced zero professional athletes.

So, where are the Centennial State's professional athletes coming from?

Sorry, Rams fans: it's the University of Colorado Boulder. The Action Network reports that eight current professional athletes used to be Buffs, including the Miami Dolphins' Phillip Lindsay, the Green Bay Packers' Mason Crosby, and the Baltimore Ravens' Jimmy Smith.

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However, CU Boulder can't compare to the University of Alabama, which is currently responsible for 82 professional athletes. Roll Tide, baby.

Ten of the Best Athletes Born in Colorado

While when you think of Colorado athletes, some of the people who come to mind are John Elway, Peter Forsberg, and Peyton Manning, none of them were actually born in the Centennial State.

Here are ten of the most famous athletes from the great state of Colorado.

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