If you've ever visited The Exchange in Old Town, you've noticed the giant ice cream churn bucket that houses Fort Collins' Little Man Ice Cream. Have you ever wondered how many Häagen-Dazs pint containers would fit in there? I did.

Little Man Ice Cream has been in the Denver area for many years. Their very first ice cream shop, a 28-toot milk can, is just one of their six locations in Colorado.

TSM/Dave Jensen

Old Town Churn opened in The Exchange in 2018, and fits right into the 'vibe' of the area: Fun. There's Old Town Putt, Vatos Tacos, CopperMuse Distillery, Crooked Stave Brewery, as well as other shops, and then there's that 26-foot-tall ice cream bucket:

Recently, while hanging with a friend in The Exchange, I looked at that ice cream stand and wondered aloud,

How many of those ice Häagen-Dazs pints that you get at the store do you think would fit in that?

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I reached out to Old Town Churn to get the actual dimensions of that bucket (they were very intrigued that someone would be interested in such a question:)

  • 22 feet high (not counting the hand crank at the top)
  • 17.5 feet across the top.
  • 14 feet across the bottom.

With that data I went to a site that calculates liters in a bucket, in centimeters (so, I had to convert 'feet' down into 'centimeters first, no problem). That left me with 121, 914.75 liters in that giant bucket; with no staff or equipment inside.

The next step was to convert the liters into cubic feet, which came out at 4,305 cubic feet. After that, I took a break; math his hard.

The final step was to calculate how many pints are in a cubic foot, which comes out to roughly 60. That calculation gave me how many LIQUID pints could be in that giant bucket. Of course Häagen-Dazs pints are Frozen (dry) ice cream, so I found a site to do that  'dry pints' calculation as well.



221, 417 dry pints of ice cream.


First, the shape of Häagen-Dazs containers would really have to be factored in. Second, Häagen-Dazs pints are only 14 oz. of ice cream. So, you could take the final number down, because of the shape of the containers, but then add more, because there is less ice cream in those containers. The 221, 417 really is very close, in the end.

The whole silly project reminded my of that classic Tootsie Pop commercial from the '70s:

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