A Las Vegas couple is counting their blessings following an accident on I-70, which they say was caused by a huge pothole in the road.

Interstate 70 Is A Breeding Ground For Disaster

This is exactly why you give thanks and count your blessings every single time you successfully and safely complete a trip on Interstate 70 in Colorado. It doesn't matter the time of year, the weather, or road conditions - traveling with the fast-speed, high-volume traffic of the interstate is always a potential breeding ground for disaster.

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Did A Pothole Cause This Terrify Crash On I-70?

According to FOX 31, the couple was traveling eastbound on I-70 between Silverthorn and the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnels when the trailer they were pulling began to swerve out of control. The video shows the trailer jerking the pickup out of control into a 180 spin, before rolling over. Thankfully, the pickup truck stayed upright.

Thomas Kuemmel, the driver of the truck, told FOX 31 it was large potholes that caused the crash. Ironically,  the highway was shut down two days later by CDOT to repair a large pothole in the road. It's not known if it is the same pothole that allegedly caused this crash.

To add insult to injury, Kuemmel received a citation from the state patrol for careless driving. Talk about a guy who had a bad day.

A Welcomed and Much-Needed Reminder

Thankfully and amazingly, nobody was injured in this accident, but it's a stark reminder of the danger that lurks down every Colorado highway. We would all be well-advised to stay alert, avoid distracted driving practices, and to expect the unexpected when traveling Colorado roads.

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