Ice-T is siding with Mike Tyson after video surfaced of the former heavyweight boxing champ repeatedly punching a heckler on a recent flight.

On Thursday (April 21), the rapper-actor shared his thoughts of the viral video of Tyson unleashing blows on a man who was seemingly taunting the boxer.

"Mike Tyson punched somebody who was Fn with him," Ice-T tweeted. "The problem is nowadays, MFs think they WON’T get punched in the Facc."

A Twitter user then mentioned Ice-T in a tweet of an alleged quote from Tyson that reads, "Social media made y'all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it."

"He even warned people," the Twitter user posted.

"Yep….. But that’s the Fn TRUTH! Clownass forgot he was NOT behind his keyboard," Ice-T added. "If Dumbfucks said the type of Shit they say to me on HERE Face to Face….. I know I’d be in Prison."

Mike Tyson has been a trending topic since video surfaced on him punching down a fellow passenger on a JetBlue flight on Thursday. In video of the encounter, the man, who TMZ has identified as Melvin Townsend III, sits behind Tyson on the flight and is captured on video by another passenger continually heckling the fighter. Tyson ignores the man's antics for some time before eventually lashing out and swinging on the guy, who sustained bruises to his face.

According to TMZ, Townsend has lawyered up, with his attorney calling the actions of his client nothing more than that of an "overly excited fan." Tyson's team reportedly said Tyson was set off after Townsend threw a bottle at him.

See video of the wild encounter below.

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