A building that sits right on the south side of Lake Loveland had been home to Lake Loveland Dermatology for 20 years.

I just love keeping track of this building, as it used to be the location. long ago, of a restaurant and I've always hoped that a restaurant would occupy this space.

Lake Loveland Dermatology moved out of the building in June of 2020 after the business had been there for 20 years. They are now on Boise Avenue. Now, a sewing center is coming to the space and getting the 'big' sign on the corner.

Facebook/Lake Loveland Sewing Co.
Facebook/Lake Loveland Sewing Co.

When I was a kid, this location had a bar/restaurant that my Mom liked going to with her friends, called Dude Corral. It was 'classic 70s:' Even in the 80s when I worked at Sirloin Stockade on the east side of town, we'd go over to 'The Dude' after work to hang out.

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After Dude Corral, there was a restaurant called Jerry Bob's. After Jerry Bob's closed, the building was renovated to have a great porch and welcomed Lake Loveland Inn. I don't recall much about Lake Loveland Inn, but a Facebook user does:

It was called "Lake Loveland Inn", if I remember correctly. It had two restaurants: the east side was similar to a Village Inn, and the west side was an upscale dining room that had a phenomenal Sunday brunch. Really loved it!

I'm not sure when Lake Loveland Inn closed, but then it was a restaurant named Gray's, which lasted for a few years, but after that came the dermatology center.

Regardless, Lake Loveland Sewing Company will officially be opening, where Lake Loveland Dermatology used to be, at 770 West Eisenhower Boulevard in June 2021, with over 2,300 square feet of sewing, fabric, alterations, and more inside. Of course, they'll also have vacuums; what decent sewing shop doesn't also have vacuums?

Here's a little introduction to them:

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