The Summer Games don't occur until 2016, but watching sports on the Altitude Network over the weekend made me think that if Northern Colorado had our own games every two years, what sports would fit the area perfectly? Well, I think the possibilities are endless!


Credit: Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

This one is a no-brainer. We live in the "Napa Valley of Beer" and I could see many gold medals coming from our area. The World News Daily Report even did a parody news story on if this actually came to the real Games. Let's think about the possibilities if it was "Triple Deck Beer Pong". And with all the breweries across NoCo, we have many venues that the event could be held at.


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I love our local bicyclists as I am a biker myself. However, when driving down Horsetooth or Drake in Fort Collins I find myself having to dodge more bicyclists than any other city in America.

So imagine if we had an event called "Bicycle Frogger" during our Northern Colorado Games? A car starts on Mulberry in Fort Collins and makes it's way down to 8th in Greeley with bicyclists all along the road. Car with the fastest time wins. Of course, these won't be REAL bicyclists on the road. Just cardboard cutouts for the safety of everyone involved.


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With the construction boom in Northern Colorado, this event turns out to be a no-brainer. The "Construction Triathlon" would consist of three events:

- Speed Jack Hammer

- Synchronized Nail Guns

- Shingles Balance Beam (Stand on a balance beam while shingling a 2800 square foot house)

I know many construction workers in the area who would excel at these events!


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Think about this one. The region of Northern Colorado has one of the highest percentages of restaurants per capita in the country. The possibilities are endless of what and who can be part of the Competitive Eating competition. Think about it...

Bar Pickle Eating competition at The Boot Grill?

How about Rocky Mountain Oyster Eating competition?

And we could have the competition anywhere in Northern Colorado.


Credit: Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

This one is a no-brainer as well. Girls in Northern Colorado are TOUGH and have no problem standing up for themselves. So why not have them all enroll in roller derby and make it an event that they can all take part in?