A 77-year-old man has been rescued off of Guanella Pass on Sunday after the man fell somewhere near the Whiteside Trail. At least five people assisted in the rescue of the man. According to 9News, these five people were instrumental in the recovery of the injured man.

Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash
Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash

One man, Matthew Meyers, was with his family leaf-peeping on Guanella Pass when the family stopped to take pictures. When Meyers stopped with his family, a hiker came off of the trail asking if they has cell service as there was an injured man that is bleeding out on the trail.

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Meyers went to help in the recovery of the injured man. When he arrived, two other hikers were waiting. This is when Meyers and the two hikers took action to get the injured man down the side of the mountain. Attempts were made in carrying the man, but the trio of rescues didn't make it very far.

The rescuers created a stretcher out of branches and the belt and shoestrings from the injured man and carried him for at least half a mile.

The three rescuers took breaks while transporting the injured man by foot off the side of the mountain. One of those breaks showed help was on the way from firefighters and paramedics. When the paramedics arrived at the group, the injured man was transferred to their stretcher.

Tanya Schneider-Wismar, a spokesperson for the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District told 9News the hiker was suffering from hypothermia and bleeding severely. The man was taken via ambulance to the hospital and he is expected to survive.

Hikers should always be prepared, even on easy trails. If you would like to learn more about hiking safety, you can do so HERE.

Source: 9News

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