Break out your tent and a yoga mat, because ARISE Music Festival is starting this Friday (August 2) in Loveland.

This is the seventh year for the eclectic event, which will last until Sunday (August 4). Along with an alternative lineup of artists such as Tipper, Beats Antique, Sunsquabi, and more, the festival will also feature a yoga sanctuary, a meditation room, camping, and live art.

To find out more details, I spoke with one of the festival's coordinators and performers, Bridget Law. You may recognize her as a famous NoCo fiddler and as the founding member of local band Elephant Revival. Here's what I learned:

1. Her husband Tierro is executive producer of the festival. 

On top of becoming business partners, the duo would never have gotten married if it weren't for this festival. According to Bridget, "Tierro and I fell in love at the very first ARISE, and this is the seventh now."

It's no surprise the event brought the couple together, as "community" is one of the key values of ARISE.

2. Along with community, ARISE is designed to be a platform for social justice. 

"It's time for there to be a platform for people to come together and talk about solutions," Bridget said. "When you get a lot of people together in a positive environment...things really start to percolate and grow."

There will be a space called the Sunrise Dome that will be used for panel discussions and showcasing socially conscious films.

3. ARISE will plant a tree for every ticket sold. 

The festival works with local organization Trees, Water, & People to connect event-goers with a way to help the environment.

Since the festival started seven years ago, Bridget estimates that "...there's been tens of thousands of trees planted through the sale of ARISE tickets."

4. Along with music, there will be a heavy focus on performance art.

"Performance art is a big part of the festival," Bridget said. There will be a variety of acts ranging from fire dancing to a flying trapeze.

For those who would rather stick to the music, Bridget said audience members can look forward to hearing bluegrass, indie, EDM, and more.

5. There will be a sensory deprivation room. 

The room is designed to be 100% dark. "Dissolving sight as a sense really opens up the other senses," Bridget said. "It can help folks release into a more vulnerable space."

Vulnerability is the key to this festival. In order to have the best time, Bridget recommends coming in with an open mind.

The gates will open this Friday morning (August 2) around 8 a.m. at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland. If you would like to hear more about ARISE, check out the full interview with Bridget below.

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