In Northern Colorado, deer are pretty common fixtures in our natural areas as well as occasionally on the roads. While it may seem like sometimes we have more elk in Colorado than deer (see the video below), they're still all over the place.

Arby's wants to celebrate the tender meat from venison by including it in a new sandwich on their menu.  The sandwich won't be a permanent fixture but features a huge, thick slice of venison meat along with crispy onions and berry sauce on a toasted roll.

Will the sandwich be coming to Colorado? Well....unfortunately not.  The sandwich is only available in areas of the U.S. that have heavy deer hunting areas.  The entire list of locations includes Tennessee, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and more here.

Sorrry, all-- if you want a venison burger, you'll have to make one yourself, or ask Arby's headquarters if they can pretty-please bring it our way.

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