Kristen Bell, brace yourself.

October 20 is International Sloth Day, and the Denver Zoo is celebrating by showing off their sloth family.

The zoo currently has two fully-grown two-toed sloths: Elliot and Charlotte. Their son, Wookiee, joined the family in April of 2019.

Unfortunately, Elliot and Charlotte aren't on display at the zoo due to their nocturnal nature. They also have to be kept separately, so they don't...make another Wookiee.

However, you can see Wookiee if you purchase a private sloth encounter with the zoo's Animal Ambassador team.

Guests will get to see a training session and watch Wookiee snack on his favorite foods: sweet potato and jicama.

After the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, we might all get to see the sloths in person. The zoo is hoping to build a sloth tree in the Tropical Discovery atrium sometime next year.

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Animals of the Denver Zoo


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