Palindrome enthusiasts have been looking forward to this day since the beginning of the decade two years ago. While palindromes can happen almost every year, today is a Tuesday that only comes around once in a century.

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Palindrome Week
If you have a strong affiliation for words that are spelled the same way forward and backward then you have Ailihphilia(which itself is a palindrome). Most Ailihphiliacs know that our Palindrome week started on Sunday with 2/20/22.

Palindrome week is one of the only 10 day periods where the date is mirrored in the middle. It's a unique palindrome date because it's a palindrome when it's written in the United States format of month, day, year, and the format most other countries follow of day, month, year.

Google is celebrating Twosday by prompting searchers who type "2/22/2022" into Google with a flurry of confetti and a sign reading "Happy Twosday 2 You!"

More Twosday Palindrome Fun Facts

  • Today is also a Taco Twosday and National Margarita Day
  • This has only happened twice before with 1/11/11 and 11/11/11
  • In 11 years, there will be a three-day 3/3/33
  • This year is also an ambigram, where you can read the date the same upside down as you would right side up
  • The world’s longest palindrome in everyday use is saippuakivikauppias, it's a Finnish and roughly means soapstone vendor
  • The earliest recorded palindrome was found in the ruins of Pompeii buried in volcanic ash in 79 AD
  • Las Vegas Chapels are expecting record numbers of marriages today
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