Summer is a great time to visit Yellowstone National Park, but winter is even better. Especially if you're a fan of snow, cold temperatures, wildlife and photography.

If you were checking each of those winter highlights off as you read them, there's a cool opportunity for you with PhotoWild Magazine. The digital magazine is a creation of pro photographer Jared Lloyd, who started the magazine to help out those up-and-coming wildlife photogs with techniques, tips and inspiration, and has expanded the brand since its inception. Now, he and photographer Annalise Kaylor chat about their photography on the PhotoWild podcast and put on workshops to help the next generation of wildlife photographers learn from some of the best.

They're going to choose one of their subscribers and give them a once in a lifetime chance to learn from the best and add amazing photos to your own portfolio.

On November 15, the magazine will giveaway an all-expense paid workshop with two extraordinary photographers. You'll get to spend 8 days with magazine founder Jared Lloyd, along with professional conservation photographer co-host of the PhotoWild podcast, Annalise Kaylor in Yellowstone.

In January of 2024, you'll travel to Yellowstone and learn from the best and all you'll have to pay for is your gas to get to Bozeman, MT where you'll begin the hands-on workshop.

All you'll need to do is subscribe to magazine and you could win, lodging during the 8-day workshop, local transportation, meals, snow coaches, park passes, and gratuities. Not a bad way for an up and coming or seasoned photographer can up their wildlife photography skills.

Check out the cost for a subscription and more information on the workshop and it's highly skilled photographers HERE.

Yellowstone National Park Rebuilds After Historic Flooding

After catastrophic flooding damaged portions of Yellowstone National Park in June of 2022, major reconstruction was necessary to make the park passable again. The following are photos of the improvement projects at Old Gardiner Road and the Northeast Entrance Road. All photos are courtesy of the National Park Service, photographer Jacob W. Frank.

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