Something about a cafe just makes me smile. If they serve craft coffee as I call it even better. Now I know coffee may give you a jolt of energy. But sitting with a friend and enjoying a latte, or tea and a cinnamon roll, or pastry sign me up.

What do you like most about a cafe?

The coffee, atmosphere, and service. And is it relaxing?

How far would you drive to a great cafe?

Let's say 30 to 45 minutes, it's an experience and it's worth it especially if it makes you happy.

Do you remember your favorite cafe?

Of course. Wish I could drive to it right now, but it's a few states away.

Colorado Springs is a fun town to visit, and they have some great cafes. It's not a small town, so there are plenty to choose from. Whether you want a breakfast burrito to a tasty croissant sandwich, you will find it in one of these 10 best places around the Colorado Springs area.

If you live in Colorado Springs or you are just passing through, put some of these awesome cafes on your list to check out and enjoy. These are the top 10 according to Yelp. Let me know of one that was left out.

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