Touring around Colorado for the past 5 years, the beauty is endless. There are certain times of the year you can see stunning waterfalls.

The first ones I encountered were in Ouray, Colorado. In three different places. The cool thing is within just a few hours you can see so many. Now it's not easy to get that up close sometimes for snapping a photo. Depending upon your camera or zoom on your iPhone.

What's the best time of year to catch a waterfall?

I say late spring thru the summer. Especially if there is a lot of snowmelt. Don't you just love it if you drive by one, but wish you could get a lot closer? My Husband doesn't stop so I do my best to capture what I can on my camera phone.

Where is your favorite place to see the waterfalls in Colorado?

Mine is Ouray, as there are quite a few places to catch them as I stated earlier. I've also seen beautiful ones in Telluride. Now is the time to hop in the car and go see the stunning waterfalls around the western slope and beyond. Vail has some gorgeous ones this time of year. I'd love to see your list too.

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