When was the last time you went white water rafting? It's fun, but hold on is all I have to say. I tried in Lake Tahoe years ago, and let's just say I nearly fell out of the sturdy raft.

Have you wanted to try white water rafting?

It's a thrill ride for sure. And the currents and big waves can take you places really fast.

How many people should be on the raft?

Generally, no more than 6, depending on the size of the raft.

Did you know there are many places to white water raft in Colorado?

There are quite a few around the state. Do your research, get going, and most importantly have some fun.

I admit I'm more of a water skier or jet skier. But rafting is so fun too. Being with a group of friends, it's fun to watch their faces and hold on for dear life when you hit the big waves while being on the raft.

If it's been on your bucket list, you should definitely try white water rafting this summer. Those that love it are out there every year. It's more intense than the ones you may have ridin' at an amusement park. Wear your life jacket and be prepared for a wild ride.

Check Out These Places To White Water Raft Around Colorado

Fun Places To White Water Raft

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