Bug season is on the way. Ugh is all I have to say. Thankfully, Colorado isn't as bad as other places I have lived. I know black widow spiders are pretty common just about anywhere, I may have only seen one since I've been in Colorado.

There is a list of bugs in Colorado, and elm beetles are on that list.  I've noticed wasps already this season, probably because of so much pollen this year. The dreaded ants are back too. They multiply like the weeds in my yard lately.

What bugs do you despise?

The box elder bugs are a nuisance, it's so hard to eliminate them. The only bug that is even kinda cool, is the ladybug.

Have you had a problem with mice?

Those may not be bugs, but they are pesky pests. I had them in Texas several years back, as I lived in a newly constructed place. I had nightmares about them. I did have one in my older house here but only briefly, Bugs be gone, got rid of the issue right away.

In the summer I'm a mosquito magnet. We all know those are everywhere. The one on the list that surprised me was bed bugs, not sure I've even seen those. They must hide well.

I have to say bugs are not near as bad living in Colorado as living in a  humid climate. I'd say we are rather lucky here in Colorado.

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Heads up, green thumbs!