It may not be illegal to drive with a pet in your lap in Colorado, but it can be quite distracting. My little dog Deuce jumps around if he knows he's going in the car. He thinks he's off to the Veterinarian or possibly to be boarded.

I picked Deuce up from getting his teeth cleaned last week at the veterinarian, and he definitely wants to be on my lap during the short ride home. It only takes five minutes. It's harder to concentrate unless he sits still.

Do you drive with your pet on your lap in Colorado?

When I'm going on a long trip with my dog Deuce, and my husband is driving, he will ride on my lap in the passenger seat.

Should your pet/pets be crated in the car in Colorado?

I believe they should, even if you trust that they will stay in the back seat. What if you have to stop suddenly?

What if you see a pet in a Colorado car and it's warm out?

I've seen the window cracked for them. But if it's a sunny day let's say 70 degrees, it can get to 85 after 10 minutes. And after 30 minutes it could reach 100 degrees. So that would not be a good idea, even for 15 minutes. Please report it to someone if you don't see an owner in that time frame.

It's best to take precautions when having your dog in your vehicle. Even if it seems safe you just never know.

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