Have you been thinking about a second home, or a new city altogether? Durango is a beautiful town. Just over two hours from Montrose, plenty of places to discover, and great dining too.

Are you looking for a Mountain getaway home?

This fills all those boxes. Views from every window. Plenty of bedrooms for extended family, and lots of backyard space.

Do you need garage space?

That is important, especially in a place that has a lot of snow. Just parking in a garage keeps you from extra snow removal. Plus you need a place to store your winter toys.

What room is the most important?

I say the kitchen that's where everyone gathers. An open kitchen is a must.  Just think of the Holidays in great space and comfort.

Durango is a great town to live in. There is an awesome college and so much beauty around the area. I visited there during the pandemic and loved it. Can't wait to go back. The downtown is so great. Check out this spectacular home complete with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1229 square feet. It sits on an acre and is under $900,000 with all its views.

Views From Every Window In This Durango Home

Durango Mountain Home Is Calling You