Like most people, if I were to have a six-figure salary, I would certainly feel like I had it made. A  $160,000 per year salary is a lot of money. While this may not be the case in cities such as New York City, San Francisco, and other very high-cost-of-living cities, it's certainly a good salary in the state of Colorado.

An annual salary of $167,000 means a bi-monthly paycheck just short of $7,000 before taxes. Who wouldn't want an opportunity to have two paychecks a month like this? Well, some are turning down a position at a company offering this high wage in Colorado.


According to NBC News, the City of Steamboat Springs can't find a single person to fill the Head of Human Resources position as of March 3, 2024. A $167,000 annual salary and not a single person who has applied for the job has wanted to take the position, why?  With a salary that pays you almost $14,000 per month, surely you could live like a king or a queen. That's not the case in the small northwestern Colorado mountain town.

Why no one wants to take a six-figure salary job in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

If you had a mortgage payment of $5,000 per month, you would still be living quite comfortably in Steamboat Springs. Yeah, right. The reason why no one has accepted this high-paying position at the City of Steamboat Springs is based solely on the real estate market.

According to Realtor, there is not one single-family home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, that is listed for less than $1 million. The cheapest home that is currently for sale in Steamboat Springs is $1.275 million. With a twenty percent down payment of $255,000, a potential buyer would still have to fork over $7,400 per month on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.  A mortgage payment this high would effectively wipe out half of that $167,000 annual salary.

CBS News says that doctors at Steamboat Hospital are easily willing to pay more than $1 million for a home and are constantly outbid by out-of-state buyers who are paying in cash. The housing market in Steamboat Springs has gotten so bad that local ski resorts have turned to leasing a hotel for its employees to live in since the majority of the homes have been turned into short-term vacation rentals for out-of-towners.

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It's no wonder that applicants are turning down the Head of Human Resources position at the City of Steamboat Springs with a rather hefty six-figure salary. There's no place to live. Currently, the City of Steamboat Springs does not have the Head of Human Resources listed on the careers page at

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