Every single family does Thanksgiving a little bit differently. Families have secret recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Others keep it a secret that the mashed potatoes that their mother-in-law loves actually comes from a box.

Do you have a side dish that you hate? Most of us do. We recently learned that Colorado's favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes. I find that astounding.

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I think that mashed potatoes are disgusting. I promise you that I am not a picky eater. Watch my reasoning below.

We Are All Opinionated


Coloradans are passionate about food. Coloradans are especially passionate about food they don't like. I respect that.

If you watched the video above you will see that I am extremely passionate about my hatred for mashed potatoes.

To me, mashed potatoes taste like a french-fry-flavored slurpee. I'm happy for other people who enjoy it, but I personally can not get past the texture.

Everybody always says you haven't had my great Aunt Maddie-May's recipe! She got it from Elton John's personal chef in the 80's!

I don't care. I love Elton John, but I hate his mashed potatoes. It's gross.

Enough About Me: What is Colorado's Least Favorite?


We asked you on Facebook earlier this week and now we know what side dish we need to leave off of Thanksgiving tables in Colorado.

RANKED: Thanksgiving Side Dishes Coloradans Hate the Most

We asked you on Facebook what your least favorite side dish was. Here are the top ten most common answers.

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Green Bean Casserole Was the Most Hated

It didn't surprise me very much to see that green bean casserole was Colroado's least favorite side dish. I believe the reason why is because everybody makes it so differently. One person mentioned they only like green bean casserole the way their mom makes it.

I feel like that has to be a common answer for a lot of different Thanksgiving foods whether it be side dishes or the main turkey.

Are Mashed Potatoes Colorado's Favorite Thanksgiving Side?

Gallery Credit: Bee